Below you’ll find the representation of a number of business connections who, together with Mirada, can support all processes and services within one organisation and who, owing to their many years of experience and professionalism, offer an added value to the organisation. Because of this we complement each other instead of compete against one another.

They operate completely independently but together they are indeed strong. Due to their various competences they can offer customers optimum support during the orders.


Aziza provides services to accountants and administration offices. Said services provide a solution to the bottleneck that the software for personnel and salary administration does not connect to the message traffic towards suppliers. With the service of AZIZA, depending on the amount and complexity of the message stream, the savings can amount to between 10% and 50% of the current expenses.

van Laarhoven Consulting

Van Laarhoven Consulting is a SAP consultancy agency, which provides management support to companies during the complete life cycle of the SAP. Project/production management is delivered during implementation as well as during upgrades. Van Laarhoven Consulting furthermore delivers consultancy services in the area of management, which is SAP Competence Centre, and outsourcing.

Business Connections Europe BV

Business Connections Europe BV is specialised in seconding independent ICT professionals. For years we have successfully been placing computer experts in projects with various clients. We do business with natural persons and independent entrepreneurs, whereby we strictly comply with the regulations and laws linked to recipient liability; this way we can deliver a guarantee in the context of the Wages and Salaries Tax and Social Security Contributions Act. Besides secondment, BCE also offers structural solutions using recruitment and selection.

The realisation of strategic goals cannot take place with material means alone; on the contrary, the person in the organisation is more and more seen as the most important factor for success. All our computer experts each provide services in their own area of expertise dealing with diverging technological environments. Due to this BCE is an important sounding board for its customers; they make high demands on the personal contact and commitment of our professionals.