In practice Mirada has gained a lot of experience with complex implementation projects. We found out that success depends to an important degree on thorough planning and verification during implementation. It is vital to have a properly worked out step by step plan with specific communication moments due to the large amount of related activities to be performed by many people.

We therefore developed Time IT; an instrument with which you record agreements ‘in real time’ and update them in your implementation scenario, so that during the operation with the use of an advanced dashboard, you maintain up to the minute insight in what is happening, using all kinds of communication means.

A few pronouncements entailed in the use of Time IT:

  • every project manager should have Time IT in his or her pocket;
  • finally a program where there is verification of the implementations;
  • a recommendation for any implementation trajectory;
  • better validation and verification of the tasks and activities in time;
  • better insight into the status/progress of the implementation of the scenario;
  • easier and better means of communication;
  • better insight into the consequences of replanning, such as extension activities;

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