Here is a summary of the goals we achieved during the past years:


  • Program / Project Management;
  • Management Development Datacenter;
  • Change and Deployment Management;


  • Implementing Release Management complex projects;
  • Change and Deployment Management with multiple companies;
  • Setting up the design of new Data Centres including high availability solutions;
  • Quality Assurance design of new Data Centres;
  • Production/Project Management;


  • Implementing Release Management;
  • Redesigning SDM process;
  • Implementing Capacity Management;
  • Managing infrastructural projects pertaining to virtualisation;
  • Production/Project Management;


  • Implementing Release Management;
  • Movement of infrastructure;
  • Implementation of various projects;
  • Analysis of current projects;
  • Ad interim Management of the managerial organisation;
  • Assessments of infrastructural projects;


  • Setting up process flows and procedures, and implementing Capacity Management for the complete infrastructure;
  • Implementing Release Management;
  • Redesigning infrastructure for the complete chain;
  • Implementation of Release Management;


  • Management of the technical team pertaining to implementation of changes in the infrastructure;
  • Setting up process flows and procedures, and implementing Release Management for the complete chain pertaining to all functionally and technically relevant issues;
  • Implementing a Twin Data Centre concept with high availability;
  • Being the contact person for the organisation regarding technical issues, sizing of the architecture, strategy of the architecture, etc.;
  • Setting up the Capacity Management including the thereto pertaining procedures;
  • Giving presentations dealing with various technical issues regarding high availability, backup possibilities, etc.;
  • Support of third parties pertaining to enquiry about technical issues;


  • As program manager supervising multiple projects pertaining to organisational change, in the operational as well as tactical processes, documentation and infrastructure;
  • Responsible for the complete RFI and RFP process due to change in the complete infrastructure regarding disk storage, SAN and backup solution valued at € 10 millions;
  • As project manager responsible for the change and implementation of the complete infrastructure, including contingency pertaining to all types of technical solutions such as SRDF link, Business Continuity Volumes, etc.;

2002 and before that

  • Serving as an intermediary between the project team dealing with adjustment of the systems free market processes and the whole ICT organisation for a period of 2 years. Here it dealt with ICT businesses in the functional as well as technical areas;
  • Release swap upgrade SAP R/3;
  • Responsible for setting up archive systems with the aid of iXOS for SAP as well as other systems;
  • Managing various departments;
  • Managing various projects.